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We write original copy


We use licensed, relevant images


We work to create simple, effective designs for business


We work to help you sell more

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We research and deliver content for any business sector...


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We give your business rapid access to the web - a presence.


We build your site to your budget - but always deliver more than we charge for.


Ask us to look at your web requirements with no obligation...




London office:

Part of SmithMartin Partnership LLP

483 Green Lanes, London, N13 4BS


Cambridge office:

Part of SmithMartin LLP

Carthouse 3, Copley Hill Business Park

Babraham, Cambridge, CB22 3GN


Vat No: 896 9313 76


Telephone contacts:


London T. 020 7193 7805

Sheffield T. 01143 602428

Cambridge  T. 01223 839644 



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Get your business or event on the web:    Tel. 0114 3602428     Email.

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An ethical business committed to enterprise, training and sustainable business practices

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On the web you want your customers and potential new clients to visit you.


Not the bad guys.


We care about the security of our business deeply.


We use the same technology and resources to serve yours too!

Peace of mind

for web users


Secure support and maintenance 


You don't have to choose great security, it's always on

How we keep your information?


Securely is the short answer.

We don't use cookies or persistently retain personal data of any kind.


(External sites we link to may operate differently).

We do monitor traffic in terms of page hits and search terms, but only to see how efficient we are.


We guarantee never to upload or share space with adult or other content inappropriate for our sector settings.


Superb hi-tech facilities that keep your web presence alive all day, every day.


Your web pages are stored in a data centre, based in the English Midlands, that has double redundancy back up systems.


The server space you purchase is in a secure facility built to N+1 levels, meaning that if any service fails automatic back up maintains continuous power - whether electricity, air conditioning or whatever.





Dual power feeds enter the building at different points and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) ensure that all power to the server area is clean and spike free.


In the event of a power outage the UPS can take the entire data centre load for up to five minutes, however within 20 seconds the redundant generators are able to indefinitely take on the entire data centre load.




The data centre where your web pages are stored, based in the Midlands, is manned 24hours a day round the calendar. Access to the building is highly restricted and is supervised by remote cctv.


Cooling & Fire Suppression


The temperature of the data centre is kept at a steady 20 degrees centigrade to allow optimum equipment performance.


The incipient fire detection system monitors the room for the slightest chance of fire and allows operators to respond in the event of such a threat